In the garden of Keldrimäe guest house there’s a pyramid shaped cabin for two people, but it could also house a family with children. The cabin is interesting, because it’s a reduced copy of an Egyptian pyramid. It has the right proportions and is oriented towards the same points of compass. Although the mysteries of the ancient Egyptian pyramids are yet to be uncovered, it is said that it is a powerful balancer for human bodies. There are researchers in Estonia that have looked into the healing powers of pyramids and used that knowledge. They have discovered that staying under a pyramid regulates bioenergy fields, removes bad energies, including disease energies, loads people with cosmic energy, induces positive thinking and raises sexual energy. People, who have been helped, consider this to be a miracle of nature. Discovering the pyramid is an endlessly exciting and mysterious experience. Whoever is interested, can book a vacation in our pyramid. The pyramid is six by six meters, it has a skylight, toilet and shower. Pyramid is isolated and it has heating, which makes it usable all through the year.