How to have an active holiday

Keldrimäe guest house offers the opportunity to relax in beautiful and peaceful nature. We will help you with organising an active holiday in tourism oriented businesses nearby. Two kilometres from the guest house there’s a horseback riding farm that offers horseback hiking trips which could last from one hour to several days. Horseback hiking trips take you to places that can’t be reached by car or on foot.

It is possible to book a trip to the sea on a motor boat with the option to go fishing. Whoever is interested could book a trip on a fishing season together with a professional fisherman.

Keldrimäe guest house is close to Kassari exhibition house of the Hiiumaa museum. Those interested in nature and birds can find several activities in Kassari. Just a little walk away is Kassari swinging grounds, where plenty of cultural events take place. The most famous event is the annual Hiiu Folk festival.