KaartKassari island, area 19,3 km², is located in Hiiu county, in Käina municipality. Kassari is an island in Väinamere sea which is connected to Hiiumaa by a dam. It’s the fifth biggest island in Estonia. Island has four villages: Esiküla, Taguküla, Kassari and Orjaku. Kassari island can be reached by Orjaku or Laisna dam from Hiiumaa or through Orjaku and Kassari harbours. Kassari is a popular place for spending summer holidays. The most famous beach, which has one of the highest coastal water temperatures in Estonia, is one kilometer in length and is located on the southern shore of the island. Near the beach, Sääretirp meanders  into the sea and it continues under the water. Being the most beautiful natural site on Hiiumaa and Kassari, it has become one of the favourite places of tourists. One can find beautiful views and seasonal  activities also in the winter time Kassari. Those interested in nature can find wooded and coastal meadows, forests with wide-leaved trees and conifers full of wide variety of species. Kassari is separated from Hiiumaa by Käina bay, which has rich bird habitat. A bird watching tower built on the Orjaku hill and nature trails close to it help with getting to know the bird fauna. Hiiumaa museum and the summer house of author Aino Kalda are on the Kassari island. The only thatched roofed slate chapel in Estonia is on the island. The grandparents of Marie Under have been buried in its grounds. Kassari island has been long tightly connected to authors, artists and other creative souls. Theatre man Voldemar Panso was a frequent visitor on Kassari island.