Kassari, parim paik puhkuseks


Kus asub Aino Kalda suvemaja?
Kus asub ainuke paekivist ja roogkatusega kabel Eestis?
Kuhu on maetud Marie Underi vanavanemad?
Miks puhkas Voldemar Panso just Kassaris?


maja (2)Keldrimäe guest house is located on Hiiumaa, on Kassari island, in the heart of Kassari village and an old manor house. Kassari manor was established in the 18th century and belonged to the Stackelberg family. Nowadays we can still see some of the manor’s buildings and a park with a partial slate wall. Keldrimäe guest house is situated on the site of the main building of Kassari manor. Between the ruins of slate foundations is a cozy site for grilling and having a bonfire. In the guest house’s green garden there’s a cabin, which is a reduced copy of an Egyptian pyramid. It’s built with the same proportions and orientated towards the same points of compass. Close to our guest house you can find a beach which has one of the warmest waters in Estonia, a shop and several eating places with a rich food selection. Beautiful nature and peaceful atmosphere have attracted many tourists to Keldrimäe. Guest house is also suitable for small groups of people, tourist groups and for organising company parties or other events.


Looking forward to seeing you in Keldrimäe guest house!